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    The name of this site came from greer at stoneybrook dot org. Thank you greer!
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The Stoneybrook Public Library

This is going to be the home of The Stoneybrook Public Library blog. Stoneybrook is obviously fictional, so if you are looking for the public library of Stoney Creek, you should probably look elsewhere.

What is this blog intended for?
I plan on using this blog to discuss, at length, the Baby-Sitters Club books.

How is that different from the other BSC related blogs?
I intend to discuss the books, their pop culture references, and their place in my heart. One by one. I do not intend to make this a purely “snark” orientated blog, nor do I plan on not pointing out the unintentionally hilarious moments in Stoneybrook.

I really did and still do love these books, despite their “lack of serious literary merit”, and the characters were probably my best friends at some point in my life (4th grade was pretty rough on me), so I don’t plan on calling any of them names.

Also, everyone reads every book differently.

Who are you?
am just a normal 20 something with too much time on her hands and a lifelong love of reading.


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