For anyone who just needed to know…

There are, I believe, 354 books total in the BSC world. Correct me if my math is wrong or I’m missing something.

  • 131 Baby-Sitter’s Club books
  • 122 Little Sister books
  • 15 Baby-Sitter’s Club Super Specials
  • 6 Little Sister Super Specials
  • 36 Mysteries
  • 4 Super Mysteries
  • 3 Special Editions
  • 15 California Diaries
  • 2 Friends Forever Super Specials
  • 12 Friends Forever novels
  • Chain Letter
  • Secret Santa
  • 6 Portrait collection

That’s 354 days, if I read and write about one per day. That’s almost a year. And I forgot to mention the Ann M. Martin biography which I *have* to talk about one of these days.

I guess it’s a good thing I never really got into Sweet Valley then.


4 Responses


    more books that aren’t on the list

  2. Also, the Kids in Ms. Colman’s Class books! 😉

  3. Isn’t there something called “Reader’s Request” or something like that?

  4. I know I’m pretty late on leaving a comment. But I just read and blogged the Ann M. Martin biograpy! What a coincidence!

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