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I know a lot of you have seen the most recent episode of The Style Channel’s Clean House. For those of you who have not seen it or even heard of the show — It’s your basic home show. The Clean House crew goes to a cluttered house, usually so cluttered that walking is nearly impossible, and they convince the homeowners to sell their belongings. From the yard sale, they take that money and match it, and they redecorate.

Well, on the most recently one, a two hour special, Niecy Nash and crew found a couple who had the worst home in the continental united states. That’s what they claimed, anyway. Normally they stay away from people who seem to have actual disorders, but these people were hoarders. Among the random stuff? A collection of Baby-Sitter’s Club books, referred to on the show as “Babysitting Books.” I’m going to reserve my commentary on the couple and their habits and stay focused on what happened to the books.

Now, I’m not a home organization expert or anything, but I would think that if a person is crying over books, that maybe, just maybe, we could work them into the design scheme somehow. It seems to be almost epidemic of the show — they get rid of books, movies, clothes, collections of things, and treasured family heirlooms. As someone who does collect books, I’m slightly offended by the fact that they can never work books into the design scheme. It’s as though reading is something to be done at night, in secret. Yet it’s as popular as ever.

But the real story comes when I went to read another websites comments. Yes, I occasionally look into what people have to say about TV shows. The general outcry, on at least one website, is that collecting BSC books as a grown up, is wrong.

Should I stop scouring bookstores in search of those elusive few books I’m missing? Should the hundreds of people who post on message boards and write BSC fanfiction suddenly stop?

No. I would like to point out, however, that if a TV show came to my house and asked me to give up my BSC books for a total redesign, I’d probably be okay with it. I’d try to bargain, save a few of my favorites. But I think I could part with them — as long as I wasn’t throwing them in the dumpster.


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  1. Oh gosh, I could never part with my collection, free home makeover or not. Maybe if I hadnt gotten as obsessive as I am – if I only had the original series, say. It would be easy enough to build up the collection after my home got madeover. However I have so many books, I’d never be able to do it. All my foreigns, all the different series .. Yeah, it wouldn’t happen.

    And eff the people who think that collecting these books as adults is wrong. I haven’t met a single person who has told me to grow up because of the collection. It seems like everyone collects something, and I think the BSC is a good, harmless thing to keep around.

  2. @Ashley. I can totally see that. I would be okay with it, because I didn’t pay for the majority of my books. I would be sad about it though.

    On further reflection though, I bet that woman’s books smelled really bad. There were references throughout the show about the stench in the house. They had a closet that was full of cat feces.

  3. I’d be seriously PO’d if someone came along and decided to throw away my hard earned collection of Baby-Sitters Club books.
    Obviously it probably took years to collect, and they may not be worth much money wise, but there is a huge sentimental value at stake.

    I’d be trying to think of a compromise… seriously… although in teh end if it got right down to it, i’d probably take the free home makeover… maybe because I have so many of teh books on my computer right now…. if it crashes though, I’m doomed.

  4. I understand the need to minimize stuff. I just don’t get why they’re so adamant about people getting rid of books. Sometimes it makes sense. There was one episode where a woman literally had giant piles of trashy romance novels on her bedroom floor, kitchen floor, everywhere. PILES! ON THE FLOOR! In no order, all in disarray, with no way to figure out where any specific one was. It was insane, and they needed to go. But the woman in this episode had them on shelves in the closet, if a little haphazardly. For people who like books, read books, keep them relatively neatly on the shelves, I have no idea why they’re such jerks about books. They’re always trying to get people to get rid of them. (“Why do you need all of these books? Are you really going read them again?” YES, MATT, I WOULD! Some people get enjoyment out of re-reading things and finding new stuff they missed before. Some people get enjoyment out of re-reading Charlotte’s Web a 53rd time just because. We don’t all sit in front of the Style Network all day. Grrrr.)

    I do often get angry with the people who go on Clean House because many times, they don’t want to get rid of anything at all. But with few exceptions, books are usually the one thing that the people are organized about. Or at least they keep them on shelves off the floor! Come on!

  5. They can pry my books from my dead, cold hands.

  6. I can’t stand watching any of those home makeover shows (not just this one but Trading Spaces and all those others) because it seems that they take the family’s personality out of the rooms. Sure, stuff should be organized, but they rarely seem to have things like family photos or the people’s personal collections in the “after” shots. And if they do keep something that is an heirloom or otherwise important to the family, they make a big deal about it, like, “Look! We kept your souvenirs from your trip to Europe!” Well, gee, thanks, those cost good money and were important mementos of a treasured family memory.
    Anyway, free or not, I could never consent to one of those shows. Not just for my BSC books, either.

  7. No, no, no, no, definitely not. I would never let them have my books. It has taken me too long to build up my collection to the point I have it, and I am not even done. I wouldn’t want to have to start over when it has taken me so long already.

    My mom and sister were on a show like that-but with just them getting makeovers. My mom hated it! No privacy whatsoever! That is another reason I would never let someone come into my house and shift through my stuff.

  8. No way!! I don’t have as many as some of you guys do, and some are in very worn condition from lots of lovin’ when I was younger, but no way!!! NOT getting my BSC books!

  9. I watched that episode with my husband and I was worried he was going to say I’m just like that lady, but because my BSC books are in three boxes in our storage locker, and the our is pretty neat even with two kids, he asked why would he complain? Phew!

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