Sorry! It won’t be long now

I realize that it has been quite some time since our last chat. Much has happened in my personal life. I decided to take after my 2nd favorite BSCer and hop some coasts. So I packed up my stuff, kissed my cats good bye, and moved 3,500 miles from my nice home in Michigan to the frozen tundra of Anchorage, Alaska. You know you are thrilled for me.

BUT… I did get Dawn and the Impossible Three from the Library last week (the same library where there was an anti-Palin rally. No,not everyone loves her. She kind of sucks.) But I digress. This is the BSC, safe from political opinions. Unless you are Dawn.


Anyway, so if you are still checking this blog, then know that there will be an update forthcoming. (Also, I figured out how to set up MS Word so I can just type stuff in here at work and look like I’m doing something important.) Good Night and Good Luck!